The advantages of Android Application Development

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The advantages of Android Application Development

Android is an open source operating system built on Linux. This operating system is dedicated to Smartphones offering complete package the user. Now, Android is available under the license of Google corporation. After the Goggle acquisition, the visibility and development efforts for android mobile technology keep on growing.  Android was introduced in the year 2007; still it was under the development cycle.  Being an open source platform, android technology offers huge career opportunity for developers and software development industry. Training on android is very important for candidates willing to work in android application development. Android Training in Chennai @ FITA Academy will help you to start your career in software testing domain. Here are some advantages of learning android application development.

Low Income and Huge Return on Investment

Comparatively, Android has low complication to start. It offers free Software Development Kit (SDK) to the developer community that minimizes the setup and licensing cost. In application development, costs are divided into three stages Application Development, Testing and Hardware cost for validation and development of android application.

Open Source

Enjoy the open source advantage from the Google. Developers no need to worry about the licensing or purchase fees. It offers almost everything for free to create high quality application. The architecture of Android SDK is very simple and you can cope with changing trend very easily. This is the main reason why most of the mobile manufactures and wireless operators use android technology to power their gadgets. It increases the demand of android application development all over the world.

Ready Integrate

Are you looking for highly complex web application or just application that runs on your mobile? Yes. Android application is the best solution for you. The entire platform is designed to be very adoptable. You can integrate and customize the mobile application based on your business needs. Android is best application for the application and process architecture.

Multiple Marketing Options

Unlike other platforms, android application can be marketed in different platforms. You need to rely on single platform to market your application. You can take advantage of third-party applications like Google Android Market or choose your own distribution medium. You can also use sales channels for deployment of new application and also place it on your website or social media profiles. With wide range of promotional medium, you can reach the end users very easily.

Easy Adoption

Android applications are developed in java programming language with the assistance of rich libraries. Android developers need to have strong knowledge in java concepts. According to experts, java developers can easily adopt with android platform and developing application.

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