Android phones are used for multi-purpose:

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Android phones are used not only for the calls but also for some of the special purposes. The demand and the constant change in the Android phones draw the demand for Android Training in Chennai. Let me see some of the different benefits of the Android phones.


Android is the product of Google Company and for every Android phone, Google certification is the must. The Google home setting which is the new feature in Google that helps the users to get reminder based on the location. For example, if you want to buy something from the shop when returning from the office, then Google reminds you this on corrected time. The new facility is rolling out in the mobile phones of US and UK markets. Internationally everything goes through online and Android App which initiated the demand for Android Online Training.

Business communication:

RCS {Rich Communication services} brings in huge changes in the business world. SMS message for business gets an added feature which is the business messages not only comprises of the text messages but also the images. RCS and Android messages connect more people across Europe and Latin America. One drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and cabin beta are some of the android apps supported by Google which is very helpful for the file management through cloud services.

Business meetings:

Cisco web-ex, Skype for the meeting, go to the meeting, are some of the Android Apps which are available through the Google Hangouts app.

Android apps for science:

NASA app gives information about the latest news, videos and NASA TV. Star chart is the app which will give you the information regarding sky. Arxiv mobile is the app which will give access to scientific papers.Endomondo, Fit notes, Google fit, home workout, JEFIT, myfitnesspal, Pokemon go or Ingress, progression workout tracker, Runkeeper, Runtastic running and fitness tracker, strong workout gym log and personal trainer, strava, sworkit, and Yoga daily fitness are some of the famous apps for the health and fitness.

Android Apps for Finance:

Financial calculator, Good budget, Google Sheets, Mint, Money,  Money manager, My budget book, my finances, prism bills, wallet are some of the financial android apps which gives correct information regarding finance from time to time. These apps are available at Google play store for download. Information is the business, though smartphones which improve, the demand for the Android Training Institutes in Bangalore.

Future of the Android Development:

The required skills for an Android developer are Java, Understanding of XML, Android SDK, Android Studio, and APIs. If you are a good android developer then you can try a job in the top organizations like Intel, American Express, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Deloitte, VMware, Uber and hike. Android has 80 percent of the market share. Android apps are used for personal and general purposes. Android Development is among the top ten technologies in the business now. Android apps are informative and customizable, which made it a popular technology. Android app is used to control watches, cars and TV. Gradle, Git, Android Studio and Eclipse are some of the tools which are required for the Android development. A Gradle tool is used to build the system and its capabilities. Git is used for version control. Eclipse tool is very helpful for developing rich client application.


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