Best Practices of Android Development

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Best Practices of Android Development

When you develop the Android application, you should run the wide variety of devices and circumstances.When you develop the Android application, you should run the wide variety of devices and circumstances. Even the single application asks for memory if there is no any free memory. If the user switches to that application, it will have to restart. For freshers who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in Android Training in Chennai. Any single application takes the memory, using the CPU and GPU or consuming the more battery, every application suffers as a result.  This has the potential to wreck the experience for the entire device.

Additional Best practices for developing the Android Applications

Some of the best practices for developing the Android applications are

Always maintain the code quality

Quality matters the lot and this not only about the MVP/ MVVM/ MVC etc. about each piece of code in the each part of the app.

Include the unit tests

This is most important part of the application development. Running unit tests on the JVM, because it runs much faster than the Android device itself or an emulator. For learning this best practices of Android, join in Android Online Course. If you require the android dependencies, use the Robo electric. If you need some objects while testing, use the Mockito.

Include Functional UI tests

Check the functionality of your application from user’s point of view in functional tests. They will launch the app and test its functionality. You can use the Android Instrumentation if your application is going to interact with the applications, as it runs with the other applications. By using the UI Automator, for testing this application by functionality.

Proguard in your release version

With the usage of proguard in your release version, you can remove all the unused code and reduce the APK size. Android Training Institutes in Bangalore offers the training from top IT professionals who are working in MNC companies.

Use debugging tools

Many of the Android professionals are recommended using the Android Debug Database. Android Debug Database is the powerful library for debugging databases and preferences in Android applications.

Use strings.xml

By adding the text as string resources are useful to long-run especially when supporting the new languages need to be added in the strings.

Creating the separate layouts for UI elements

This will separate the layouts for UI elements by re-using the tag in XML. Another handy tag which is the <merge/> tag. Best Android Training in Coimbatore offers the placements in top MNC companies. It helps to get unneeded root View Group by acting the pseudo parent.

Launching the icons in mipmap folders

Building the separate APKs for different densities, draw folders for other densities get stripped. This will make the icons appear blurry on the devices which use the launcher icons of higher density. It is always best to use the launcher icons to strip in the mipmap folders.

I hope this article will provide you the information about the Android and its best practices. For more interesting articles about the Android, stay connected with us!

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