Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai

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Mobile testing is the validation process of checking usability, performance, functionality, efficiency and compatibility of mobile application. As the smartphone usage keeps on increasing, there is huge demand for quality and bets performing mobile application. As per recent survey, mobile … Continued

Hadoop increases the profitability

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Data is the profit and asset It is proven that the companies face 15 percent more profit if they use Hadoop. Hadoop increases the quality of data, security of data, business relevance and reduces the cost by the way of … Continued

Android Training in Chennai: The Future of Mobile Application Development

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Android is most popular operating system used to power Android smartphones and other portable gadgets. This advanced Operating System is loaded with various advanced features and functionalities that make it most preferable choice among smartphone users from all over the … Continued

Android phones are used for multi-purpose

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Android phones are used not only for the calls but also for some of the special purposes. The demand and the constant change in the Android phones draw the demand for Android Training in Chennai. Let me see some of … Continued

Why FITA Academy for Java Training in Chennai?

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Java is most remarkable programing language in the world. Java is found everywhere ranging from mobile devices, gaming devices, desktop computers and even in supercomputers and enterprise servers.  Java was originally developed by the Sun Microsystems. This advanced programming language … Continued

The Advantage and the Future of Java Application Development

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Java is most popular and widely used programming language for developing wide range of applications ranging from mobile application to super computers. Top IT companies uses java language for design and deployment of highly secured software applications. Java programming language … Continued

Benefits of using the networking products from Amazon

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The Amazon provides speed, security and huge storage memory to the business. In the digital environment, every business has the need to retain the regular customers. The knowledge derived through the AWS Training in Chennai is very helpful to understand … Continued

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