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Embedded systems Training

Embedded System is the most important one in today’s electronic world. In our day to day life, we are using Mobile phones, Laptops and Tablets, it is helpful to share the information from one to another. Today, Embedded System is used in telecommunication fields.   It is almost used in all fields like robotics, mobile phone, agriculture and industrial automation. Know more about microprocessor and microcontroller via Embedded system course in Chennai. Almost every field are using Embedded systems.

Examples of Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems include printers, industrial machines, washing machines, camera, automobile and much more. It is used in both microprocessor and microcontroller, at the same time it is specially designed for digital signal processing (DSP). It works depending on the complexity and the systems may transcend definitions and it helps to perform specific functions in the limited duration.

Embedded Systems are highly stable and reliable. One can carry the devices as wherever they go. It has four categories they are.

  1. Standalone Systems

It doesn’t require any host system. A standalone device doesn’t require a printer, computer and modem.

  1. Mobile Embedded Systems

It generally means for mobile communications. It also includes tablets, mobile phones and much more. Mobile systems are used to share the information from one to another.

  1. Networked Embedded Systems

Embedded system connected to the network and the functions vary from one to another is considered as network embedded systems. Examples of network embedded system are heat sensor system, home security system, etc.

  1. Real-Time Embedded Systems

An Embedded Systems helps to get an output in the limited duration. It has two types they are hard real-time and soft real-time embedded systems. With the use of microprocessor and microcontroller chip, an individual can perform a lot of operations.

It handles the computing devices such as hardware and mechanical parts which help to operate the program in a real-time experience.

Embedded system plays a significant role in designing the core units, a digital signal processor or microcontroller. It has a wide range of applications in today’s world from digital watches to MP3 players, etc. Embedded System is not only used for a common purpose it also used for advanced operations. Get start to learn Embedded Course in Coimbatore at FITA, nearly 1000+ students got to benefit from this institute.

Embedded Systems and it uses

Communications – Satellite phones, Network Hubs and Routers

Customer Electronics – Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, Televisions, Blu-Ray players, Music Players, Video game consoles.

Medical equipment – MRI Scanners, Heartbeat Monitors, Electrocardiogram, CT scanner

Aerospace – Global Positioning System (GPS), Navigation Systems

Industrial Applications – Feedback Systems, Assembly Lines, Data collection systems

Is it possible to create factories, home appliances as without Embedded System? Definitely not, an embedded system is going to change a future, learn now and become a master in the embedded field. If you’re interested to learn more about Embedded system prefer Embedded Training Institute in Chennai, specialists guide you how to work in this field.


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