Face to Face communication

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Spoken English in ChennaiPresently, 90% of the people are communicating either a call or an email. Face-to-Face communication is the old technique but it is the right way to identify one’s skill, talent and character. Compared to other communication, a face-to-face approach is the best choice for all.

Direct Communication

Face to Face communication will help you to know one own character, technical thing, problem-solving capability, eye contact pattern, body language and much more. At the same time, they will come to know about the intention of the person.

Compared to the phone call and email, direct communication will be better. One can clarify their doubts and suspicions through direct communication. You cannot study one’s communication and body language as indirect communication. An individual who wants to communicate in a better way will approach Spoken English Classes in Chennai. Once getting training from FITA institute will definitely help to get a better communication, at the same time one can improve their comfort level of communication. Face to Face communication has been approached each and every time.

Steps for communication process

 1. Appreciating Team Members

With the improved technology, appreciating your team through email is just like a “Thank you” or “Keep it up” message, but it is not equal to face to face appreciation. This type of message will motivate your team member but that is not enough. For each and every process teamwork gives the best support.

 2. Feedbacks

Direct communication gives 90% clarification of the doing particular work. Sometimes the people don’t clear about their process due to an email conversation, but in direct communication, you can clarify your doubts by asking queries.

3. Problem Solving Ability

It is necessary to fix the issues for every problem. Loads of messages and flood of emails will not be helpful to solve the issues. Technical thinking and finding error capability is helpful to produce the exact results. People who are interested to learn English can reach over at Spoken English Course Online, our experienced faculties will guide you on communication and problem-solving tricks.

 4. Apologizing for errors

Generally, we took a mistake from our side and we realize it later. For that, you have to apologize in a direct way. By doing this an individual will become stronger.

In spite of all this, face to face communication provides an added advantage in your workplace and gives a great position to you. Learn more through Best Spoken English Classes in Bangalore, specialists make you more comfortable in communication as well as problem-solving.


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