Hadoop increases the profitability

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Data is the profit and asset:

It is proven that the companies face 15 percent more profit if they use Hadoop. Hadoop increases the quality of data, security of data, business relevance and reduces the cost by the way of Data management. Machine learning in Hadoop is one of the biggest advantage which helps in the better data management. Most of the companies believe in a coherent and centralized approach to data management, which brings better ownership structure to the data. The demand of Hadoop made the young engineers to focus towards the Hadoop Training Chennai. Data ownership in the collaborated environment is the asset for the business.

How Hadoop is used in government departments and private companies:

If you want to move data out of Russia then protection is important for government-related and private data. This is a statement of the chief analytics officer and head of FICO labs said this. If you want to view the personal data of China then it has to view within China border. It is the responsibility of the government organization to ensure the data protection as it is dealt with criminal liability. Data privacy is overlooked by business and data management solutions are invented to overcome the problem. For the travel industry, Hadoop is a boon as it is customer-centric. Delay in the flight result in the loss for both the parties the travelers and airlines. The model developed with the help of Hadoop predicts the airline delay from the historical data and whether the information which help for the anticipated loss. Hadoop is definitely helpful to predict the future, which emphasis on Big data Hadoop Online Training. Hadoop is helpful for insurance data management by saving the data and creating a “what if” condition in hours rather than weeks. The faster results enable the customer to take quick decision which increases the profitability. Big data help for the telecom industry also by understanding the consumer behavior. Big data improves the marketing skills and enhances the profit. For example Netflix algorithm uses previous customer actions to drive real-time video recommendations.  Facebook and Twitter also watch the consumer behavior and initiate new changes in the product.

Certification in Hadoop:

Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA), DeZyreHadoop Big Data Certification, Cloudera Certified Administrator for Hadoop (CCAH), Databricks Spark Developer Certification and DeZyre Apache Spark Certification are some of the certification for Hadoop Training in Bangalore. Big data jobs are huge in numbers in government and private companies. Data scientist’s job exists in the companies like PayPal, Amazon and HP. The number of Google searches for data scientist word has shown the difference as 20 times higher than normal in the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. Traditional database people need to hook it up to the hard drive. Now the database is shared database where multiple servers and multiple hardware are used. Understanding the structural data and unstructured data is inevitable to take the major decisions.


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