How important is CCNA certification?

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How important is CCNA certification

Networking plays a major role in today’s world. It is one of the most taken and valued IT certification today. It really helps to boost your career and take to the next level. Most of the companies are now hiring network engineers. CCNA provides new career opportunities in both current and developing ones. Certification proves your credibility and knowledge. Learn more, CCNA Course in Chennai helps students to learn all concepts of networking to work in hub and switches. It also helps to learn IOS Cisco, IPv4 and IPv6 technologies.

Networking Job roles are

  1. Network Architect
  2. Network Operator Engineer
  3. Intranet Specialist
  4. Networking Manager
  5. Network System Analyst
  6. Network Technician
  7. Solution Center Engineer
  8. Network Analyst
  9. Cisco Network Engineer
  10. Cisco Administrator

Pros of CCNA certification

  1. Knowledge

Along with your certification, you will increase your knowledge of Cisco networking and you will get to know how it works.

  1. Salary Increase

The major benefits of getting a CCNA are the salary increase. Either in the same company or in the next company you’re going into. Once getting the certification you can negotiate a higher salary with the usual I.T guy.

  1. Employer benefits

Another good benefit of CCNA certified is that they will treasure the employer. Why because they will get huge discounts on Cisco products.

  1. Promotion

One can easily get promotions after certified. Being CCNA certified can really speed up your career and take one step forward.

  1. Stepping Stone

CCNA certification will be the stepping stone in the networking world. More opportunities are available for you and you can start with the basics. The networking industry has more ways to go.

  1. Satisfaction

CCNA certified will give you the appreciation and satisfaction of your IT career and you will become more inspired to learn more and to do more.

Jumpstart your networking career today with the support of the CCNA Online Course. Each and everything about networking was taught by FITA Academy experts with real-time scenarios. Various protocols including IGRP, frame relay, IP RIP, Access lists, Ethernet, CLAN, and much more.

If you are interested to learn the CCNA course, then reach over at CCNA Training in Bangalore. Having a CCNA certification gives additional value to your resume. Once learning a networking course with the guidance of FITA Academy experts will help you to reach a great height in today’s competitive world. Enroll today and get your dream job with a good salary package. Freshers and Experienced candidates who work in MNC are now using the latest technologies of networking. CCNA certification is not just for beneficial for the workforce and IT aspirants, it uses useful for employers.

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