Importance of Testing

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Manual Testing Training in Chennai

Testing helps to identify the software defects. It plays a major role in the current scenario. Every day the world has been innovating new things with additional features. Testing is mandatory for all process, Learn how to test the products with Manual Testing Training in Chennai. Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone, it is highly portable and the user can perform lots of operations with that device. A tester is a man who realizes what to do to convey the application to the high-level quality.

Manual Testing is a broad category for debuggers and testers. Skills to learn before entering into this domain.

  1. Learning of various compositional models like a waterfall, conveyed, winding models and so forth is an absolute necessity before recognizing bugs. Once identifying mistakes will help to move to the next level.
  2. Diverse testing ideal models like secluded testing, acknowledgment testing, unit testing and arrangement testing are additionally basic for manual analyzers.

Experts from top MNC companies are guiding you to learn the testing concepts. Within the short span of time, you will become an expert in the testing domain. Use this opportunity and test your skills with FITA Academy approach.

Mobile App Testing

Today mobile applications are driving with every professional and personal information.  Mobile apps are putting

Challenges in Testing

  1. Time-consuming
  2. Frequent Up gradation
  3. Tools are used for different web and desktop application testing
  4. Change in network conditions such as dropped connections and bandwidth change.

Testing Types

  1. Network Automation
  2. Test Automation

Types of Mobile App Testing

  1. Usability Testing
  2. Regression Testing
  3. Integration and System Testing
  4. Functional Testing
  5. Performance Testing


Every application relies on network connectivity, it delivers useful functionality. A cellular network is used for specialized apps that depends on carrier features such as free usage allowance.

Mobile Application user is increasing day by day, youngsters are now concentrating to develop mobile applications. Developing a mobile application with great features is not an easy task. Basic programming knowledge is enough to work in this field. Mobile Application Training in Chennai is the right choice to learn all about testing.

Mobile Application Testing Online Training always depends on technology, OS, business requirements and much more. The first and foremost thing is to test the quality of the app before launching into the market. Mobile technology will change our world, learn how to test the application with the best guidance. Each and every concept has been explained clearly with on-going projects. Enroll here and get your dream job.

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