Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai

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Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai

Mobile testing is the validation process of checking usability, performance, functionality, efficiency and compatibility of mobile application. As the smartphone usage keeps on increasing, there is huge demand for quality and bets performing mobile application. As per recent survey, mobile application with little performance, usability and user experience find hard to sustain in this competitive mobile application development industry. It is crucial to validate the mobile application for its performance and efficiency before deployment. Thus, mobile testing has become integral part of mobile apps developed and emerged as lucrative career platform for mobile application testers.

Mobile application tester work with mobile developer’s right from the requirement and analysis stage. Thus, you need to have strong technical skills in latest software testing trends. It is recommended to take Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai from experienced and certified professionals to gain industry exposure.  Mobile applications testing includes several levels,

  • Functional
  • Laboratory
  • Performance
  • Memory Leakage
  • Interrupt
  • Usability
  • Installation
  • Certification

Various tools are needed for performing mobile testing operations. Testing platforms can vary based on the devices in respect of scripting, network operators, type of operating systems, etc. These are major challenges in mobile application testing. You need to execute testing process that deal with these challenges effectively. Now, Mobile Application Testing Online Training is offered by several IT training institute in Chennai and other metro cities in India. This training covers methods and concepts linked with mobile devices usability, its interior structure, tools and techniques to test mobile application. Interacting with experienced professionals also provide excellent platform for budding testers to exchange drive much needed industrial exposure.

Testing tools for mobile testing process are available online. Reputed Mobile Application Testing Training Institute in Chennai provide knowledge regarding trusted tools available to validate mobile application before launching. Mobile application testing is still unexplored and you can use your innovative thoughts. These online resources provide good chance for software testers to gain more insights on software testing. You can also register in mobile testing related online forum to stay connected with testing professionals from all over the world.

Challenges in Mobile Testing

Mobile testing is new and totally unexplored concepts, thus it contain more challenges. Some of the challenges include

Poor Network Quality –  Mobile networks work poorly compared to regular desktop. Usually, the bandwidth is lower and loses to more packet loss. The network characteristics plays important role in mobile performance.

More Users and Devices – There are increasing number of devices, using one of many mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. You need to consider mobile platform during the testing process. Over 100 million users using smartphones by the end of 2015, you need to make sure that your application infrastructure has required capabilities to handle the load.

Taking Android Training in Chennai along with mobile testing will ensure better career prospects for the talented professionals.

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