Performance Testing and its Key Activities

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Loadrunner Software Testing Tool is used to test an application in different ways like performance and behavior. Performance testing ensures the quality of an application and it checks the quality of an expected result at given time. The main aim of this is to ensure the scalability, speed, and stability. Loadrunner Training in Chennai includes performance testing syllabus where you can get both LR and Performance testing knowledge. The following are the Performance Testing and its Key Activities.

  • Collection of Requirements
  • Selection of Tool
  • Performance Test Plan
  • Performance Test Development
  • Performance Test Modeling
  • Test Execution
  • Analysis
  • Report

Collection of Requirements

To gather requirements, performance team co-ordinate with the client to get information on both business and technical side. This method helps to get details on application’s technologies, architecture, intended users, the database used, application usage, functionality, software requirements, hardware etc.

Selection of Tools

After the key functionality, POC is done with the tools available. At the time of POC, scripts are generated for the key functionality with the execution of 10-15 virtual users.

Performance Test Plan

Test planning and designing are executed with the help of requirements gathered in the previous stage. Test planning step includes information like how the test performance is taking place in the environment. Testing Designing contains information like metadata, scripts, execution plan, number of users etc.

Performance Test Development

Use cases are created for the functionality in the test plan. This use case will get approval from the client, this script helps for the proper step. Once it gets approved, During POC, performance test tool is selected.

Performance Test Modeling

For the test execution, performance load model is created. The main objective is to validate and verify the performance metrics.

Test Execution

Test execution process will be based on the maximum number of users. For example, if the maximum number of users is 100, the execution is run with 10, 25, 50 and so on.

The above were the some of the key activities of Performance testing where you can explore in the process of key activities. QTP Training in Chennai also one of the options for getting information from the testing domain, Choose the best training institute for LoadRunner Training from the experienced experts that will make you even better in the technical side.

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