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SAS is a Business Intelligence Tool which helps to create the report, facilitate analysis and predictive modeling with the help of interactive dashboards, powerful visualization, etc. SAS Mobile BI helps executives and managers to maintain the reports and dashboards.

Introduction to SAS Analytics

SAS is introduced by SAS BI and Analytics Solution. Analytics is a tool which is used in Business Intelligence Applications, Data Science and Machine Learning. Analytics is not only used for a Business process it is also used to monitor the key BI metrics. Learn more about analytics through SAS Training in Chennai, expert guidance from FITA is greatly helpful to learn analytics course. Use this opportunity and enhance your skills in analytics domain.

Features of SAS Analytics and BI

Easy Integration with Excel

  1. Create reports using MS Office
  2. Access Analytics and BI through MS Office
  3. Reports are distributed through MS Office

Adhoc Reporting

  1. Built-in data access, filtering and data transformation
  2. Helps to create quality report and it can be managed by executives

Easy Analytics

  1. Visualize Trends
  2. Identify Correlations

Visual Data Exploration

  1. Explore new opportunities
  2. Trending Analysis

Benefits of SAS BI

  1. SAS Visual Data Exploration helps to create visual reports. This tool is used to represent the reports in the form of graphs and charts.
  2. It utilizes distributed processing and in-memory, this tool helps to make the huge database promptly.
  3. SAS Visual Analytics helps to analyze big data and generate powerful insights in an easy way. This tool enables them to identify the correlation and trends in analytics.
  4. It provides a collaborative environment. Business Executives like MS Office and MS Excel tool. As per the customer requirements, people create the reports in the short span of time. Though the creation of report they can share their data from one to another with high security.

Who will take SAS course?

Generally, SAS course can take up by Business Intelligence, SQL, ETL, testing professionals, software developers and analytics. Freshers and working professionals can take training from SAS course in Chennai, experienced candidates from top MNC companies to the students with on-going projects.

Career Growth

Analytics and BI are mandatory for both small and large scale industries. More and more companies are now hiring SAS professionals and now there is a great demand in this field. Once learning SAS will definitely helpful to land a great height. Learn more and achieve more.


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