Popular Ethical Hacking Tools

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Popular Ethical Hacking Tools



A fully automated tool that detects and reports over 5300 web application vulnerabilities including all variants of XSS and SQL injection. It bakes in advanced vulnerability management features, consolidated view, and integrates the scanner results into other platforms. Explore more about the popular Ethical Hacking tools by enrolling in the Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai. Join here to reach a great height.


Netsparker is a dead accurate tool that helps to identify vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting in web applications, SQL Injection, and Web Application Program Interface (API). 


Nmap is a network exploration tool that supports cross-platform. It manages service upgrade schedules for monitoring host time. It also provides binary packages for Mac OSX, Linux, Windows, and many more. Join an Ethical Hacking Course in Coimbatore to get a better career in this field, expert support helps students a lot more to achieve. 


  • Redirection, Debugging Tool, and Data Transfer
  • Response Analysis Tool
  • Results viewer and Graphical User Interface (GUI)


Nikto is an open-source tool that helps to scan the webserver for outdated versions and dangerous files. Ethical Hacking Online Course saves the report in a text file, CSV file formats, HTML, XML, and NBE. 


  • Uses favicons, files, and headers.
  • Check web servers for over 8200 potentially dangerous files


Maltego is a tool for data mining and link analysis. It supports Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. 


  • It can work with large graphs
  • Represents the data in graph patterns


Wireshark performs deep inspection of protocols, it also helps to get the output from different file formats like CSV, PostScript, XML, Plaintext, and more. Hacking Course in Mumbai provides coloring rules to the list to complete the analysis process quicker and easier. 


  • It performs offline analysis and live capture.
  • It allows browsing the captured network data
  • It decompresses the gzip files using TTY-mode and Graphical User Interface (GUI)


It is the software for penetration testing which helps to develop the code against remote machines. Check Ethical Hacking Tutorial here.


  • Helps in IDS signature development and penetration testing.
  • Useful to know about security vulnerabilities


Kiuwan identifies vulnerabilities in source code with the most stringent security standards like CWE, HIPPA, OWSAP, SANS 25, and many more. Hacking course in Chennai supports integration with leading DevOps tools and supports all major programming languages. 


  1. Supports nearly 15+ programming languages for web, mobile, and desktop applications
  2. Integrates with leading IDEs including Pycharm, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Webstorm, Visual Studio, and many more.