Top Seven Programming Languages for Android App Development


Android is a powerful operating system that supports a broad range of applications in mobile phones.

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Top Programming Languages

  • Kotlin
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Corona
  • Python

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Android now supports the Kotlin programming language, because it is more cooperative and interoperable than Java, and it has been designated as Android’s next official language. The Kotlin code is considerably easier to write. Kotlin layouts are far more rational than Java layouts. It’s also based on JVM. Kotlin code is short, secure, and adaptable.


C++ is one of the best and most popularly used programming languages. Although it does not assist in the development of application pages or app user interfaces, it is useful in the development of APIs. This programming language is typically used to create the app’s back end and APIs. For Android developers who use C++, there are plenty of popular built-in libraries.


Java is an open-source programming language published by Sun Microsystems. Because Java employs the C ++ syntax, programmers find it simple to learn. It includes a compiler as well as an interpreter, and it runs on the Java Runtime Machine. You will learn advanced Android version through  Android Training in Hyderabad.


C# is a simple, flexible, and object-oriented programming language. It allows developers to create both Android and iOS applications.

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Corona is a software toolkit that may be used to create Lua-based apps. Corona Simulator and Corona Native are the two operational modes available. We utilize the simulator to build applications directly here. Additionally, the Corona Native is beneficial for integrating Lua with Android Studio. Lua’s integration with Android Studio will make it easier to create apps with native features.


Nowadays, Python is the most widely used programming language. It’s a dynamic, object-oriented, and general-purpose programming language. It can also be used to make libraries, back-end tasks, and functions, among other things.


BASIC stands for Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It is a simple language that is ideal for learning how to code. Android does not officially support it.

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