Top 3 Job Profiles After CCNA Certification

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Top 3 Job Profiles after CCNA Certification


The organization demands CCNA for security, cloud, data application wireless, LAN, routing and switching, and other industrial applications. Gradually Organization introduces the various CCNA job roles. 

Due to this huge demand for network engineers, more CCNA career opportunities are available and Many CCNA certifications have been introduced such as entry-level trainees, expert associates, and network architects.

 The main objective of any course is to become a specialist in a particular field in an organization. This blog will help you to discover the top job roles after completing the CCNA Certification.

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 The top 3 job opportunities after CCNA certification are:

  • Support Engineers for Technical
  • Systems Engineers 
  • Systems Administrator

Technical Support Engineers

In Today’s technological advancement, Technical support for a client is mandatory for any organization. Supports may be related to service or product, and network-related, etc. Technical support is one of the CCNA jobs for freshers. The job description of technical support is troubleshooting the network issue and resolving the issues telephonically with a client. 

Systems Engineers (Fresher)

Every profession has a beginning, and Systems Engineers could be counted as the beginning position for CCNA engineers. In this role, System engineers don’t have access to switching and routing. Instead of this, They have a WAN and LAN to provide support and offer primary technical support in the company for security, firewalls, and routers, documentation maintenance, the appropriate answer to tickets, alerts, and notifications. The pay scale for a system engineer is as per company norms because as a fresher you couldn’t negotiate the salary.

Network Administrator

The job of network administration is, it is responsible for both system and network administration. They have to manage hardware and software-related problems and troubleshooting the issue in due time. It leads to carry out smooth operations in organization networks infrastructure. The average salary for network administrators is about Rs. 1,61,000 per month. 

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In summary, job opportunities after CCNA certification are comparatively higher than any other certification. Apart from the above three job roles. other different job roles are available after completing the CCNA certification such as IT Manager, Network Security Specialist, etc. If you want to get your dream job in CCNA, One thing you should do is finding the right institution. CCNA Course In Coimbatore at FITA Academy is the right place to getting training.